Eventinfos ( engl )


Due to the new possibilities we have now, we will organize the event just 
like we did in the years before, but it will be bigger…more colorful…just a …!!!!

In 2018, the event will take place 2 months earlier. The reason for this is that after 7 years we moved the event to another location. That’s a good thing and it will influence the plans for future frog events for all of us.

The only possible date is July 14th, 2018, but that shouldn’t be a problem. 
We will use the event area of the last 3 years but we will move the actual 
event from the youth club to the bigger “Halle auf der Schray”, 
an event hall nearby.

It will now be possible to provide space for 1.000 people indoors if the weather 
should be wet instead of cramming 200 people into the youth club like in former years. 
This is also a security issue.

On September 23rd, 2017 we had almost 500 visitors, so moving to the hall is a 
logical step for us.

However, it will not change the atmosphere of the event. 
We will still have the outside area with the popular “Froglympics” games as well as 
space for tents, caravans and campers.

So stay tuned and find out what awaits you in  2018.

All the best,

Your frogs